The Baltic States

307 - 1159

Baltic States
'Baltic sea and Southern Scandinavia'
De Lisle G. (c. 1788)
63 x 50

Large size and influential map of Southern Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea area by Guillaume de Lisle (1675-1726). This copy an edition of c. 1788 issued by the publisher and engraver J. A. Dezauche. The map features the lands bordering the Baltic, modern day Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, northern Poland and Denmark, from the Swedish west coast to St. Petersburg in the East. Original outline colour and later wash colour. Excellent condition
285.00 GBP

710 - 2086

Baltic States
Ortelius, A. (c. 1603)
10 x 8.5

Fine early map of the Lithuania and Estonia region by Abraham Ortelius, engraved in small format by Philippe Galle, and published in the Epitome, or pocket-edition of the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum". This map from an English text edition of c. 1603 published in London and thus one of the first world atlases published in England.  Fine condition. Later colour
95.00 GBP