903 - 158
'Helvetia Com Finitimus Regionibus Confoederatus'
Blaeu, J (c. 1645)
51 x 39

Finely engraved map after Gerard Mercator. German text in verso. Possibly later hand colouring. Excellent condition.
400.00 GBP

1009 - 605

1009 - 605
Davies, B. (c. 1841)
38 x 30    

Finely executed  plan of the city by B R Davies for The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  Inset map of the environs of Geneva and view of the city. Steel engraving, later colour.      
100.00 GBP

412 - 1498
Rapkin, J. (1851)
33 x 26

Attractive map of the Country by John Rapkin, for John Tallis's highly decorative "The Illustrated Atlas". The vignettes show; William Tell Shooting at the Apple, Bern, The Cap on the Pole, Castle of Chillon, Tyrolese, Chamois Hunters. Single page (no central fold). Original colour as published. Condition fine.
98.00 GBP

508 - 1601
'Switzerland divided into its Cantons with their allies and subjects….'
Russell, J. (c. 1799)
46 x 35

Fine map of Switzerland by John Charles Russell for Guthrie's " New System of Geography". A key top right identifies the Thirteen Cantons . Double page folio size map, original hand colour
95.00 GBP

1108 - 793
Monin, C.V. (c. 1850)
29 x 22

Fine steel engraved map of Switzerland by C.V. Monin and A. Vuillemin from the “Atlas de Geographie”. The vignettes show Lausanne, and William Tell's Chapel. Later colour
50.00 GBP

1009 - 514

1009 - 514
Starling, T. (c. 1832)
15 x 9

Uncommon and finely engraved map of the country from The Royal Cabinet Atlas. Bright original colouring to the various cantons.
45.00 GBP

1108 - 786
Fenner, R. (1828)
15 x 12

Highly detailed steel engraved map of the Country by Robert Fenner for “Fenner's Pocket Atlas”. Later full wash colour.
30.00 GBP