(Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Biggleswade, Sandy)

302 - 1083
Bedfordeshire and Huntingdonshire
Hole, W. (1622)
31 x 25

Decorative and rare engraving representing Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire counties by William Hole for Michael Drayton's Polyolbion.  Decorated with water nymphs, and allegorical figures to illustrate the main topographical features, rivers, towns etc. Michael Drayton (1563 - 1631) was an important poet and literary figure. A contemporary of Shakespeare and Spenser, the Polyolbion is considered to be his masterpiece. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. Later colour. Traces of worm to lower corners faintly affecting the engraving. Otherwise excellent
180.00 GBP


903 - 163
'Bedfordiensis Comitatus Anglis Bedfordshire'
Blaeu, J. (c. 1645)
24.5 x 42

Superbly engraved and decorative map. Single sheet, Latin text to verso. Original colour. Some light toning, good condition.
185.00 GBP

09010 - 12

09010 - 12
'A Map of the County of Bedford'
Greenwood, C & J (1834)
68 x 57.5

Fine original wash colour, vignette of Woburn Abbey, good margins, slight offsetting.
130.00 GBP

508 - 1636
'Bedfordshire divided into Hundreds'
Bowen E. and T. (1767)
22.5 x 33

Very finely engraved  map of the County by Emanuel and Thomas Bowen from the "Atlas Anglicanus". The maps are generally derived from those in "The Large English Atlas", and extensive county information accompanying the maps is also a feature of this series. A rare item. Bright original colouring.
120.00 GBP

707 - 2030
'Bowles's New Medium Map of Bedford shire...'
Bowen, E. & T. (1785)
23 x 33

Finely engraved and detailed map of the county from "Bowles's New Medium English Atlas". The maps in this series are based on those in Emanuel and Thomas Bowen's Atlas Anglicanus, and feature extensive county information on the map. They are distinguished primarily by having newly engraved cartouches, distances from London added to towns, and different imprints at the bottom. Full original colour. Some slight offsetting to the left hand side, otherwise fine condition
98.00 GBP

09010 - 05

09010 - 05
'A Map of Bedfordshire from the Best Authorities'
Stockdale,  J (1805)
40 x 50

Crisp copy with full body colour, good margins, two longitudinal folds.
90.00 GBP

912 - 340

912 - 340
'Bedfordshire by Robt. Morden'
Morden, R. (c. 1722)
40 x 32

Bedfordshire by Robert Morden, from Camden's Britannia. Later colouring. Fine dark engraving in excellent condition.
85.00 GBP


1104 - 658
'Langley's new Map of Bedfordshire'
Langley, E. (c. 1818)
18 x 26

Attractive and uncommon map of the county by the partnership of Edward Langley and William Belch from their publication Langley's New County Atlas of England and Wales. The vignette shows a view of Bedford. Fine original hand colouring.
65.00 GBP

09010 - 15

09010 - 15
'A New Map of Bedfordshire'
Cary, J (1809)
48 x 54

Early wash colour, good margins, minimal offsetting, horizontal fold. New English Atlas.
50.00 GBP


905 - 207
'An Improved Map of Bedfordshire'
Cowley, J. (1744)
14 x 18

Bedfordshire from the rare publication The Geography of England. Published by Robert Dodsley. Later hand colour.
55.00 GBP


906 - 231
'Bedfordshire by Robt. Morden'
Morden, R. (c. 1701)
15.5 x 21

Map similar in style to Morden's maps for Camden's Britannia, but reduced in size. This series is very much rarer. Later hand colour. 3 cm re-margined bottom left corner.
45.00 GBP


905 - 209
'Bedfordshire Divided into it's Hundreds'
Bowen, E. (c. 1758)
17 x 20

Clearly engraved map of Bedfordshire from the General Magazine Of Arts and Sciences. Later hand colour.
45.00 GBP

310 - 1214
'Bedfordshire by John Seller'
Seller, J. (c. 1703)
15 x 13

Fine map of the county by the Hydrographer and instrument maker John Seller for his "Anglia Contracta". This series of maps were first published in 1695. They were later used in a simplified form by Francis Grose for his "Supplement to the Antiquities of England and Wales", published from 1787.
50.00 GBP

09010 - 73

09010 - 73
Teesdale, H (1829)
35 x 42

Early wash colour, good condition.  
40.00 GBP

                                - 596

1009 - 596
Cary, J. (1793)
22 x 27

Bedfordshire by John Cary from his New and Correct Atlas. Characteristic fine and detailed engraving. Original colour. Fine condition
35.00 GBP


904 - 173
Moule, T. (c. 1840)
20 x 27

Detailed steel engraving showing the Hundreds. Later hand colour. Good margins to the sides and top of the map. Engraving touching bottom.
35.00 GBP


905 - 184
'A Map of Bedfordshire Drawn from the Best Authorities'
Kitchen, T. (1764)
26 x 20

Detailed map showing roads, borough towns, market towns and a wealth of county information. Later hand colour.
30.00 GBP