710 - 2132
Ortelius, A. (c. 1603)
10 x 8.5

Fine early map of Austria by Abraham Ortelius, engraved in small format by Philippe Galle, and published in the Epitome, or pocket-edition of the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum". This map from an English text edition of c. 1603 published in London and thus one of the first world atlases published in England. Fine condition. Later colour
98.00 GBP

412 - 1526
Rapkin, J. (1851)
36 x 26

Fine map of the Austrian Empire by John Rapkin, for John Tallis's highly decorative "The Illustrated Atlas". The vignettes show; Vienna, St. Stephen's Vienna, Return of the Sennerin. The map shows Bohemia, Hungary, Transylvania etc.. Single page map (no central fold). Original colour as published. Condition fine.
85.00 GBP


1009 - 577
'Austria from the best Authorities'
Russell, J. (1818)
23 x 19

Austria from Guthrie's Geography. Engraved by John Russell. The area shown of South Central Europe includes modern day Croatia and Hungary.
50.00 GBP


907 - 249
'A View of the City of Vienna'
c. 1760
22 x 17

Panorama of the City as in 1760. Traces of old folds, a short repaired tear and two small repaired wormholes, but othewise a clean and crisp copy. Later hand colour.
40.00 GBP

1009 - 517

1009 - 517
'Austrian Dominions'
Starling, T. (c. 1832)
15 x 9

Uncommon and finely engraved map of the Austrian Empire from The Royal Cabinet Atlas. Bright original colouring to the various countries. A numbered key identifies the various provinces.
35.00 GBP

09010 - 39

09010 - 39

'Austria, General Map'
Dispatch Atlas (1863)
43 x 32

Early outline colour.
20.00 GBP