Spain & Portugal

302 - 1084
'Geo-Hydrographic Survey of the Isle of Madeira with the Dezertas and Porto Santo Islands…..'
Johnston, W. (1791)
76.5 x 59

Large size and finely engraved chart of the Island of Madeira and neighbouring Islands. By William Johnston. Published by W. Faden. Features include: a plan of the Town of Funchal by Capt. Skinner (1775), two views of Madeira from different positions at sea, profile views of Porto Santo, and a fine cartouche decorated with grapes and vines. Various points of important navigational information are  also given on the chart. Madeira although an important colony of Portugal was a strategically important stopping point on the crossing to the Americas. It was much settled by the English, since England had long standing alliances with Portugal, particularly since the marriage of Charles II to Catherine of Braganza. The major industry was the production of Madeira wine. At the bottom of the chart Johnston records his thanks to the Portugese Governor of the Island, dedicates his map to Earl Wycombe, and signs the dedication "William Johnston of Madeira" so it is possible that Johnston was an important figure in the Madeira wine trade. Condition - a few surface marks, LHS border shaved to platemark otherwise a rare item in generally very good condition. Later colour.
750.00 GBP

302 - 1085

'A Plan of the Town and Fortifications of Gibraltar with the Spanish Lines and Attacks'
Sayer, R. (1782)
52 x 35

Interesting and informative plan/bird's eye view of the Gibraltar peninsula by Robert Sayer and John Bennett. Illustrates in detail and lists the batteries and specially designed floating batteries protecting the colony against attack. In this case probably during a concerted effort by the Spanish to regain the territory in a long seige that lasted from September 1779 until March 1783. Two inset maps accompany the plan - "A Chart of the Straits of Gibraltar" and "The Bay of Gibraltar". Fine original colour. A few surface marks, largely confined to the borders but otherwise in excellent condition.
600.00 GBP

308 - 1168

Spain & Portugal
'Regnorum Hispaniae et Portugalliae'
Homann, J. B. (c. 1730)
59 x 49

Superb map of Spain and Portugal by the eminent engraver and mapseller Johann Baptist Homann. Features include a fine cartouche of shields decorated with the various heraldries of the Spanish states. Mer-men and other mythological figures completing the design. To the south in the Mediterranean sea the Balearic Islands are also delineated. The map is printed on very thick paper and embellished with full wash colour.
140.00 GBP

509 - 1661
Spain & Portugal
'Iberia sive Hispania Vetus in tres praecipuas partes necnon in populos Divisa'
Kitchen, T. (1768)
57 x 43

Finely engraved map of the Iberian Peninsula by Thomas Kitchen for John Blair's "The Chronology and History of The World". Covering the area which is now Spain and Portugal, the map shows the various cities and towns of antiquity accompanied by their more modern names.  Fine condition. Later colour 
125.00 GBP

                                - 552

1009 - 552
Henshall,  J. (1831)
37 x 31

Finely executed plan of the city by J Henshall for The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Steel engraving, later colour
80.00 GBP

412 - 1528
Spain and Portugal
Rapkin, J. (1851)
35 x 26

Fine map of the Iberian Peninsula by John Rapkin, for John Tallis's highly decorative "The Illustrated Atlas". The vignettes show; Belem Castle, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Madrid, Bull Fight, Traditional Dancing etc., Single page map (no central fold). Original colour as published.  Condition fine.  
75.00 GBP

1009 - 552

1009 - 603
Henshall, J. (c.1833)
39 x 32

Finely executed plan of the city by Henshall for The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Inset plan of the location on the River Tagus, and fine view of the City. Steel engraving, later colour.    
70.00 GBP


907 - 262
'A Map of Spain and Portugal Drawn from the best Authorities
Cooke's New Encyclopaedia (c. 1789)
26.5 x 22

Later hand colour to the countries. Traces of old folds but generally excellent condition. Good margins.
50.00 GBP

1009 - 509

1009 - 509
Starling, T. (c. 1832)
15 x 9

Uncommon and finely engraved map of the  country from The Royal Cabinet Atlas. A numbered key identifies each province. Bright original colouring.
40.00 GBP

1009 - 510

1009 - 510
Starling, T. (c. 1832)
9 x 15

Uncommon and finely engraved map of the  country from The Royal Cabinet Atlas. Bright original colouring.
40.00 GBP

1008 - 476

1008 - 476
Spain and Portugal
Colton's Atlas of the World (c. 1856)
38 x 30

Decorative map of Spain and Portugal by the New York publishing house of Colton. Original colour.
45.00 GBP

1001 - 363

1001 - 363
'Spain and Portugal'
(c. 1805)
23 x 20

Copperplate engraving of Spain and Portugal from Walker's Geography. Later full wash colour to the regions.
40.00 GBP


907 - 244
'Spain and Portugal'
Bell, A. (1797)
22 x 17

Copperplate engraving with later wash colour. Fine condition.
35.00 GBP


907 - 251
'Spain and Portugal'
Dispatch Atlas (1863)
43 x 31

Spain and Portugal including the Balearic Islands. Clean copy with original colour.
30.00 GBP

1108 - 787
Fenner, R. (1828)
12 x 15

Highly detailed steel engraved map of the Country by Robert Fenner for “Fenner's Pocket Atlas”. Later full wash colour
25.00 GBP