The Middle East

303 - 1098
The Middle East
'Carte De Perse. (Persia)'
De Lisle, G. (c. 1745)
61 x 48

Large size and detailed map of Persia by Guillaume De Lisle, published by Covens and Mortier. Includes detailed cartography of the area from the Black Sea eastwards to Afghanistan and from the northern Caspian sea south to the Persian Gulf and North-eastern Arabia. Original colour. A few surface marks to the top right corner but otherwise good condition on thick paper. A fine map from one of the most important French Cartographers.
225.00 GBP

409 - 1442
The Middle East
Rapkin, J. (1851)
35 x 26

Fine map of The Arabian Peninsula engraved by John Rapkin, for John Tallis's highly decorative "The Illustrated Atlas". The vignettes show; Mount Sinai, Arab men and Women, and the "Ship of the Desert" (Camel) Single page map, (no central fold). Original colour as published. Condition fine.
180.00 GBP

509 - 1656
The Middle East
'Palaestinae sive Terrae Promissionis in Duodecim Tribus partitae Facies Vetus'
Bayly, J. (1768)
57 x 43

Finely engraved map of Ancient Palestine by John Bayly for John Blair's "The Chronology and History of The World". Detail is given on the twelve tribes of the Ancient Holy Land. Fine condition. Later colour
140.00 GBP

1009 - 526

1009 - 526
The Middle East
'Persia and Arabia'
Starling, T. (c. 1832)
15 x 9

Uncommon and finely engraved map of the  area from the Red Sea eastwards to what is now Afghanistan from The Royal Cabinet Atlas. Bright original colouring to the various countries. A numbered key identifies the various provinces.
45.00 GBP

1009 - 499

1009 - 499
The Middle East
Neele, J. (1824)
28 x 21

Copperplate map of the area now Israel and western Jordan as it appeared in Biblical times. Inset maps of the tribes occupying the area and Jerusalem. Later colour
50.00 GBP

1108 - 789
The Middle East
'Persia and Arabia'
Fenner, R. (1828)
15 x 12

Highly detailed steel engraved map of the region  by Robert Fenner for “Fenner's Pocket Atlas”. Later full wash colour
25.00 GBP