Including Trowbridge, Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Warminster

307 - 1158
'Wiltoniae Comitatus…'
Saxton, C. (1637)
35 x 29

Fine map of the county by Christopher Saxton engraved by William Kip for the first edition of Camden's Britannia to contain county maps. North is to the left. Later colour.
180.00 GBP

508 - 1640
'Wiltshire divided into its Hundreds…'
Bowen E. & T. (1767)
22.5 x 33

Very finely engraved  map of the County by Emanuel and Thomas Bowen from the "Atlas Anglicanus". The maps are generally derived from those in "The Large English Atlas", and  extensive county information accompanying the maps is also a feature of this series.  A rare item. Bright original colouring.
160.00 GBP

703 - 1953
'A New Map of Wiltshire Divided into Hundreds, Exhibiting its Roads, Rivers, Parks, &c.'
Cary, J. (1809)
48 x 55

Wiltshire by John Cary from Cary's New English Atlas, the largest of the Cary Atlases. Superb engraving with full original colouring
130.00 GBP

611 - 1919
'Wiltshire by Robt, Morden'
Morden, R. (1722)
42 x 36

Superbly engraved and decorative map of the county by Robert Morden. From the 1722 edition of Camden's Britannia. Excellent condition with good margins. Later colour
120.00 GBP

707 - 2024
'Bowles's New Medium Map of Wilt shire...'
Bowen, E. & T. (1785)
23 x 33

Finely engraved and detailed map of the county from "Bowles's New Medium English Atlas". The maps in this series are based on those in Emanuel and Thomas Bowen's Atlas Anglicanus, and feature extensive county information on the map. They are distinguished primarily by having newly engraved cartouches, distances from London added to towns, and different imprints at the bottom. Full original colour. Fine condition.
120.00 GBP

909 - 272

909 - 272
'View of Stonehenge'
Blaeu, J. (1646)
25 x 19.5

Stonehenge. Fine copperplate engraving accompanying Blaeu's map of Wiltshire in
the English Counties volume of the Atlas Novus. Original colour.
60.00 GBP

602 - 1796
'A Map of Wilt Shire'
Kitchin/Jefferys (1751)
13.5 x 18

Finely engraved map of the county by Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jefferys from their publication "The Small English Atlas". This rare series of maps are distinctive by featuring considerable county information below the map. Later colour
60.00 GBP

504 - 1572
Simpson, S. (1746)
16 x 18

Fine map of the county by Samuel Simpson for his publication "The Agreeable Historian". Most of the maps in this rare series are said by Simpson to be based on those of Herman Moll.  Later colour
55.00 GBP

302 - 1078
Moule, T. (c. 1845)
21 x 27

Decorative Steel engraved map of the county by Thomas Moule. Inset views of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. Later colour.
50.00 GBP

412 - 1505
'A Map of Wiltshire'
Bowen, E. (c. 1724)
12 x 19

Finely engraved map of the County by Emanuel Bowen and John Owen for the publication "Britannia Depicta". To the top are given details of the Road from London to Weymouth and verso the roads to Newmarket and Bury St.Edmunds are featured. After John Ogilby. Later colour
40.00 GBP

401 - 1269
Lewis, W. (c. 1835)
10 x 14

Detailed and attractive miniature map of the County by William Lewis for his "Lewis's New Traveller's Guide". A particular feature of this charming series of maps is the clear and precise engraving of the roads. Adjacent numbers indicating the distances from London. Also included with the map is the accompanying page of text giving the county information relevant to travellers - principal towns and inns are listed, distances between towns, principal fair dates, and even sites for the best views of the county. Later colour.
35.00 GBP

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1206 - 956
Roper, J. (1810)
18 x 24

Detailed and decorative map of the county by Cole and Roper for The British Atlas. Original hand colouring. Excellent condition.
35.00 GBP

903 - 136
Dispatch Atlas (1863)
31 x 43

Early outline colour.
25.00 GBP