Including Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Boston, Grantham, Stamford, Skegness, Louth

704 - 1957
'The Road from London to Boston in Lincolnshire.continued to the City of Lincoln'
Ogilby, J. (c. 1676)
44 x 33.5

The road from Stilton - to Peterborough, Crowland and Boston. Continued from Boston to Heckington, Sleaford, to Lincoln. From John Ogilby's Britannia, generally considered one of the most important cartographical works of the seventeenth century. Other features include a very fine cartouche showing country pursuits. Later colour. Plate number 36. Some professional repairs with no loss of engraving, generally excellent condition.
180.00 GBP

709 - 2051
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
'The River Humber'
Collins Capt. G (c. 1750)
56 x 45

Finely engraved chart by Captain Greenvile Collins from the “Great Britain's Coasting Pilot”. The first original sea Atlas produced by an Englishman. Commissioned by King Charles II in 1676 and started in 1681 the work took seven years and was first issued as a complete atlas in 1693. This chart a later edition covers the Humber estuary Spurn head and an area of the North Sea.The particularly fine and decorative cartouche carries a dedication to Trinity House at Kingston upon Hull and is illustrated with mermaid and merman and putti. A dark engraving on heavy paper. Later colour. Fine condition
245.00 GBP

705 - 1986
'An Accurate Map of Lincolnshire Divided into its Wapontakes'
Bowen, E. (c. 1770)
54 x 72

Fine detailed map of the county by Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Kitchen. Although produced for the Large English Atlas, the maps were also issued separately and as in this copy, dissected and backed with linen for folding to facilitate both storage and use on carriage journeys etc. A particular feature of these maps is the extensive county information engraved on them, providing a complete guide to the county. Original colour. Excellent condition.
120.00 GBP

603 - 1813
'Lincolnshire by Robert Morden'
Morden, R. (c. 1695)
43 x 37

Attractively engraved map of the county by Robert Morden for the first edition of Gibson's translation of Camden's Britannia. Fifty maps were produced for this edition and Gibson affirms that "they are by much the fairest and most correct of any that have yet appear'd". Later colour
80.00 GBP

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1106 - 735
'A New Map of the County of Lincoln divided into wapontakes &c.'
Smith, C. (1804)
45 x 50

Large size and decorative map of the County by Jones, Smith & Co. for Smith's New English Atlas. The first map of the County to show longitudes measured from the meridian of Greenwich.  Very fine original hand colouring.
75.00 GBP


0902 - 106
'A Map of Lincolnshire from the best Authorities'
Cary, J. Camden's Britannia (1789)
40 x 53.5

Finely engraved map of the county by John Cary from the 1789 edition of Camden's Britannia. Later colour.
55.00 GBP

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1109 - 809
Moule, T. (c. 1845)
20 x 26

Decorative Steel engraved map of the county by Thomas Moule. Inset views of Grimsthorpe Castle and Lincoln Cathedral. Later colour
50.00 GBP

709 - 2049
Fisher & Co. (c. 1842)
35 x 57

Detailed and attractive double page map of the county by Fisher & Co. This series of maps was the only cartographical publication from this publisher. Original colour
50.00 GBP

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605 - 1852
'A New Map of Lincolnshire Drawn from the Latest and best Authorities'
Conder, T. (1784)
17 x 20

Finely engraved and decorative map of the county by Thomas Conder for the publication "The New British Traveller". Features include a cartouche of a rural scene and coat of arms. Later colour.
45.00 GBP

608 - 1877
'The Road from London to Boston in Lincoln Sh.'
Senex, J. (c. 1762)
21 x 16

Road map showing the road from Stilton through Peterborough, Crowland, Spalding, to Boston. Also the road from Boston, through Sleaford to Lincoln. Published by John Senex. Later colour
40.00 GBP


904 - 171
Plan of Boston
Schmollinger, W. (c. 1840)
18 x 25.5

Steel engraved plan published in Moule's English Counties. Later hand colour, very good condition with full margins.
40.00 GBP

310 - 1198
Seller, J. (c. 1703)
15 x 13

Fine map of the county by the Hydrographer and instrument maker John Seller for his "Anglia Contracta". This series of maps were first published in 1695. They were later used in a simplified form by Francis Grose for his "Supplement to the Antiquities of England and Wales", published from 1787.
40.00 GBP

406 - 1355
Map of England and Wales
Cary, J. (c. 1790)
21 x 27

Sheet 43 of John Cary's Map of England and Wales published in 81 sheets. Covers the area of Lincolnshire etc. Original colour.
40.00 GBP

404 - 1317
'A Map of Lincolnshire'
Bowen, E. (c. 1724)
12 x 19

Finely engraved map of the county by Emanuel Bowen and John Owen for the publication "Britannia Depicta". To the top are given details of the Road from Nottingham to Grimsby and verso the road from Brecknock  to Lampeter is engraved. After John Ogilby. Later colour
40.00 GBP

401 - 1267
Lewis, W. (c. 1835)
14 x 10

Detailed and attractive miniature map of the County by William Lewis for his "Lewis's New Traveller's Guide". A particular feature of this charming series of maps is the clear and precise engraving of the roads. Adjacent numbers indicating the distances from London. Also included with the map is the accompanying page of text giving the county information relevant to travellers - principal towns and inns are listed, distances between towns, principal fair dates, and even sites for the best views of the county. Later colour.
35.00 GBP

1206 - 947
Roper, J. (1810)
18 x 24

Detailed and decorative map of the county by Cole and Roper for The British Atlas. Original hand colouring. Excellent condition.
30.00 GBP